Innovation at the IMRC Center

///Innovation at the IMRC Center
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The IMRC Center is designed to support expanded innovation, research and development in New Media, Intermedia, Fine Arts and creativity through the construction of cutting edge media/technical facilities. Supported by funds from a MTI MTAF Bond and University funds, this center is a multi-use facility that simultaneously supports diverse uses, including workforce training, research and development in new media development and prototyping, Graduate education in Intermedia, social science research for the Sustainable Solutions Initiative, 3d and spatialization and visualization research, creative production in the arts, and a range of commercialization and business ventures from across campus. What is shared by all of these diverse areas and users is a need for cutting edge tools and a supportive environment and community that engenders and nourishes innovation and creativity in all forms.

The overarching goal of the IMRC Center is to re-envision creative teaching/ learning/ research models with an aim to resituate creative practice within larger knowledge-making engagements and expand its impact and range. The Center’s programming  is central for our general aim to develop a new ‘culture’ of innovation and creativity for the state of Maine. Building on the cutting edge technical facilities of the IMRC Center we aim to develop programming that will simultaneously support what are often seen as divergent sectors, that is the arts, business and commercialization, and technology and research. We offer a range of support and initiatives for continued and new hands on media training, creative production, research, development and commercialization; pursuing collaborative creative and/or research and development initiatives; and enhancing Maine’s capacity to compete for external funds related to technological development.


Photo by Amy Pierce

Jennifer Hooper, Spark
Photo by Amy Pierce

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