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//Artists Spiders

Artists Spiders

For this post I talk about Fort Knox and the idea of playing a love song for spiders. More exactly, I thought if how an old, damp castle must be: heaven to a spider.

Jazz artist Mark Tipton and I teamed up to play music in on of those dark, damp chambers. Stash gave us mood and ambience.

We played using hurdy-gurdy, trumpet, and conch shell. I have no photos so far of us so here we see myself in April playing the gurdy. Mark has done installations and is moving to campus in the fall. We plan to do more musical work like this in the future.

Maybe once a spider has heard the gurdy and conch shell, said spider can be felt to have an honorary degree, a spider PhD. Seems like a nice thought. This could be slightly nice from an intermedial standpoint, too, this idea of playing music for bugs or other things that we normally do not associate with artwork.



About the Author:

After Jim Winters arrived as a jazz trombonist for years, he now has now finished his second year as a graduate student here at IMRC. He owns two hurdy gurdys, thus exploring drone-musical work and the aesthetic value of unfinished music. His concentration ranges from experimental-musical composition to photos, sometimes wondering about the colonization of 12-tone Western music vs. noise.

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