About James Hurdy

After Jim Winters arrived as a jazz trombonist for years, he now has now finished his second year as a graduate student here at IMRC. He owns two hurdy gurdys, thus exploring drone-musical work and the aesthetic value of unfinished music. His concentration ranges from experimental-musical composition to photos, sometimes wondering about the colonization of 12-tone Western music vs. noise.
1808, 2017

Slow Dancing with a Ghost

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Not all of my inspirations are alive. I dance with ghosts. The joining of, the combined effect of, partners, a duo, my collaborator, two ships sailing together: a consortium. This entry is about mystique. I am thinking of my own need for consort, along with this weird awareness of that […]

1308, 2017

Floating Bones and Whipped Gurdys

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Some news now about The Cannery and I played there last night. The ideas were so incredible, some planned and some not, and I even whipped my gurdy with its own strap. “Tell it to the judge.” Where to even begin…

Let’s say your a musician and you’ve joined this program. […]

1008, 2017

Rules as Wrong

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In my new artist life I’m affecting my past. Maybe I’ll explain. Our culture guides me (limits), music schools, too, so limiting, this idea that sounds and noises are too uncivilized. Those need to be made, forced to be civilized, organized, homogenized, classified– controlled. If not, better be a strong […]

1807, 2017

Sound Reasoning

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Reasoning leads to ideas. As I began my degree process here two years ago, I didn’t know if I would do music as performance, record ambient sounds or compose scores. I plan to concentrate now in improvisation as a central theme, but what I described below has caused a few […]

507, 2017

The Spider’s Hairy Legs

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A spider hears with his or her legs! I  referring here to how the fort or castle is filled with spiders and that all spiders “hear” with their legs. How is this even relevant to Intermedia and the MFA, you ask? Hold on to your Charlotte’s Web and let’s see…

FLOW ’17 […]

307, 2017

Artists Spiders

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For this post I talk about Fort Knox and the idea of playing a love song for spiders. More exactly, I thought if how an old, damp castle must be: heaven to a spider.

Jazz artist Mark Tipton and I teamed up to play music in on of those dark, damp […]

1806, 2017

Fathers-Fluxus Holiday

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Happy Fluxus Father’s Day! Oh, Fluxus had momma’s, too; Alison Knowles, Charlotte Moorman, and Yoko Ono.

Can we flex/flux an idea a bit today? Allow me to at  least recognize the father of what we do here, Owen Smith aka Dr. Flux (writing about a domain is a little bit risky […]

906, 2017

Nonesuch Instrumental with a Stick

By |June 9th, 2017|front, IMRC News|0 Comments

“To use art not as self expression but as self alteration.” John Cage.

In this work, the thrill of working with Steve (a fellow student here at IMRC) was (and is) something that is worth mentioning up front. He’s great, wise, calming, and insightful. Along with the idea of alto-clarinet, trombone, […]

706, 2017

FLOW and a Gurdy

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Jim Winters on hurdy gurdy; hear the incomplete song at: 3pm on June 24th at Fort Knox in Maine. To even consider a musical work as “non finito,” such incompleteness would typically be seen only a stone sculpture. Musical composer Jim Winters offers one hour at the beginning of FLOW […]

2405, 2017

Unrealized Keys

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This week is featuring an informal conference or panel discussion about music. It’s been great.
At the same time I was composing this piece where I said that it is in an unrealized key. This meant literally, a one-handed piece, and harmonically. The piece wants to honor its tonal definition, but […]