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Sean is an artist whose concerned with sociological attitudes towards mass incarceration, the death penalty, criminality, and public perception of the criminal. He seeks to find pathways of redefining what a criminal is and what moral imperative we must emphasize, hopefully to reshape how we rehabilitate criminals.

The Machine Garden Control Box Upgrade


The Machine Garden Control Box Upgrade


Last year visiting artists Ken Rinaldo and Amy Youngs built the Machine Garden as part of our artist in residency workshop on digital methods of artistic creation in collaboration with UMaine MFA graduate students and Dept […]

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IMRC Helps Artist Learn CNC



Oxford Art Alliance Postcard Oxford Art Alliance

Kimberly Callas joined our labs after meeting us during a tour of our facility. She used our IMRC Community Membership Program to gain access to our 3D printing and CNC machining […]

IMRC Helps Artist Learn CNC2017-12-01T22:39:28+00:00

New Scanning Device at the IMRC


New to the IMRC Center this year is the Einscan SE 3D digitizer. While we have had scanning ability using our Kinect sensors, Structure Sensor, photogrammetry, and access to the Faro Arm laser scanner at the AMC we have always had the need for an easy to use small digitizer […]

New Scanning Device at the IMRC2017-12-01T22:39:29+00:00

CNC Signmaking using Vectric’s V-Carve


This is a simple but lovely project that we just finished. A friend commissioned a nice sign to hang over their rest and relaxation area for his lovely wife.  This used a 60° V-bit and Aspire’s VCarve toolpath generator.  It’s simple and beautiful especially due to the 1″ thick African […]

CNC Signmaking using Vectric’s V-Carve2017-12-01T22:39:30+00:00

Print & Cut Vinyl at the IMRC


The IMRC has recently produced a batch of our stickers representing our logo. Not only does the Summa DC4 print vinyl using thermal pin printer head technology it also cuts the stickers out and provides a weeding pattern.  The weeding pattern allows us to remove the unwanted vinyl from the […]

Print & Cut Vinyl at the IMRC2017-12-01T22:39:34+00:00

Printable Circuits Boards


Using the new V One Voltera Circuit board printer our student created a CAD file in EagleCAD and printed it the same day. If you’re interested in learning how then come see us at the IMRC Center Labs.

Voltera V-One Voltera V-One

Printable Circuits Boards2017-12-01T22:39:35+00:00

Welcome the new Taz



The new addition TAZ_5_Transparent_Front_0to our collection of 3D printers is the Lulzbot Taz 5.  It boasts the best printer award from Make Magazine and 3D Forged. The print area is above adequate at 11.4in x 10.8in x 9.8in, and the […]

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3D Photoworks is recreating famous paintings in 3D for the Blind


John Olson and his company 3D Photoworks are recreating famous works of art so that persons will visual disabilities can experience them.  By using sandstone 3D printers, like the one we have here at the IMRC Center, they are able to print 3D reliefs in color. The reliefs allow the […]

3D Photoworks is recreating famous paintings in 3D for the Blind2017-12-01T22:39:58+00:00

AUTODESK FUSION 360 Creates a Guitar Body


Cherry Gibson Les Paul body with carbon Fiber highlights Cherry Gibson Les Paul body with carbon Fiber highlights.

Lately I’ve been teaching myself Autodesk’s new software Fusion 360. It’s not only a simple to use CAD platform but it also fuses some […]

AUTODESK FUSION 360 Creates a Guitar Body2017-12-01T22:40:24+00:00
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