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Sean is an artist whose concerned with sociological attitudes towards mass incarceration, the death penalty, criminality, and public perception of the criminal. He seeks to find pathways of redefining what a criminal is and what moral imperative we must emphasize, hopefully to reshape how we rehabilitate criminals.

Monument Making


Prototypes for laser cut military seals Prototypes for laser cut military seals

The Veterans office has asked us to install a new monument to the fallen soldiers of UMaine since the war of 1812. These military seal prototypes are just part of the […]

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Lay Brick PLA for 3D Printed Ceramics


3D ceramic pot for cactus 3D ceramic pot for cactus


This came to us as a 3D Hubs order through our IMRC Center 3D Hub. This cactus pot was designed by a 3D Hubs customer who sent us this file to be […]

Lay Brick PLA for 3D Printed Ceramics2017-12-01T22:40:25+00:00

What you should know going from Boxmaker to CNC.


I recently created a simple box using BoxMaker online ( By using finger slots cut into the edges of the board we can create a light but strong stand for our new belt sander.  This type of box-making cuts down on wasting 2×4’s and other armature pieces.

In order to […]

What you should know going from Boxmaker to CNC.2017-12-01T22:40:27+00:00

Laser Etching Don’ts


This project had some learning curves that are worth teaching. The plan consisted of building four extremely clean and smooth podiums for my 3D printed sculptures.  Each podium has a statement laser etched into it.  I figured this would be an easy project – just build four podiums out of […]

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Rapid Prototyping and Social Activism



August 8th – September 19th

Without Borders Thesis Show 2014 – Desire Lines

Diminishment is the thesis work that I, Sean Taylor, have submitted as an intermedial arts graduate student to the final thesis show, Without Borders – Desire Lines.  This work uses the 3D scanning and printing facets of the rapid […]

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Laser Mirror on the Other Side


Fernalds The Fernalds unveiling the mirror plaque (photo credit Amy Pierce)



Above is an awards ceremony honoring Allen and Sally Fernald for donating an endowment to University of Maine to support the IMRC Center with the latest cutting edge technology.  The award […]

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Machines Need Love Too.



About a month ago I spent some time with our Zcorp Z450 printer learning how to scan a color image and keep the color format in tact throughout the process.  This is written about in my post on 3D Printing from 123D to the Zprinter.   Before experimenting with color formats […]

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3D Scanning with 123D Catch and preparing file for color print with the Z 450


This is and instructional on how to go from 3D Scanning to manipulation of the part and then to printing.


We will be using 123D Catch, a free software by Autodesk, to make a 3D object file.  This can be done with a simple camera or iPhone has an app that […]

3D Scanning with 123D Catch and preparing file for color print with the Z 4502017-12-01T22:40:56+00:00
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