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Disability Services Tactile Map


The IMRC Fab Lab created a digital map of buildings and roads in UMaine comprised of vector lines and

3D extrusions. This is for the Disability Services office to create personalized tactile maps for persons with

visual disabilities.


computer 3D model iteration

Disability Services Tactile Map2017-12-01T22:39:34+00:00

IMRC Project: Tea Tuck


Tea Tuck was a prototyping project completed for one of our clients in Fall 2016 semester. This project challenged the design of coffee sleeves that we currently have in the market. Instead of just simply being a coffee sleeve, Tea Tuck has a side pocket that holds a tea bag while […]

IMRC Project: Tea Tuck2017-12-01T22:39:35+00:00

Equipment Room Reservation Coming Soon!


Equipment techs Ryan Shelley and Sze Wing Wong are working together on completion of the list of equipment in the new IMRC reservation system! It is now at its final stage. If you haven’t already registered, it is time to take action! Log in and have a glimpse at what […]

Equipment Room Reservation Coming Soon!2017-01-31T10:53:46+00:00

IMRC Stickers!


Hola everyone,

The vinyl printer is up and running again! Fab lab technician Sze Wing Wong is currently working with the printer and learning more of what can be produced with it!

Not long ago, a batch of IMRC stickers were printed and are now floating around in the IMRC center! Grab […]

IMRC Stickers!2016-10-19T14:54:45+00:00
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