CNC Design, Setup, and Machining

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CNC Design, Setup, and Machining

Workshop Leader: Sean Taylor
Date / Time: Thursday 4/3 @ 4pm
Location:  IMRC Fab Labs

Learn to create 2.5 and 3D designs in Aspire V8 to then send to the CNC Machine for cutting. Learn to understand how to delineate Speeds and Feeds for basic CNC Machining on the Shop Sabre 4896. Learn to set up and use the CNC Machine to cut your designs out. This workshop will help you to design your ideas in a 2.5 and 3D using Aspire, a modeling software specifically designed for artists and tinkerers. In this workshop we will cover the process of creating your designs and learning the different parameters to think about when creating an article for the CNC process.
Enrollment is limited to 6 people. No experience required!

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