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  • Authorized person – an individual (either trainee or competent user) who after basic safety, basic shop safety, and relevant individual tool training is authorized to operate specific equipment by the machine shop manger or supervisor.
  • Trainee – is an authorized user that requires supervision in the operation of machine shop equipment.
  • Trusted User – is an authorized user, that may depending upon the operation being carried out, work without supervision and or without monitoring.
  • Monitor – is a competent trained person authorized to stop hazardous operations.



  • Before being authorized to operate equipment (whether supervised or unsupervised), a prospective user must undergo and complete Basic Safety Training, Machine Shop General Safety (general) and specific equipment safety training.
  • Users being trained require written authorization by the shop manager/supervisor to operate under supervision specific equipment.
  • Competent users require written authorization by the shop manager/supervisor to operate specific equipment without direct supervision while carrying out routine tasks. (competent authorized users of industrial category equipment will be subject to monitoring by shop managers/supervisors)
  • Non–routine tasks must undergo a hazard analysis and be approved by the shop manager/supervisor prior to commencement of the operation.
  • Shop managers/supervisors have full authority of the shop and its safe use, including the responsibility, authority and obligation to prohibit shop or tool access for the health and safety of users, others in the shop, or university property and equipment.
  • Equipment that has been tagged out of service or equipment that is damaged or does not appear to be operating normally must not be used.
  • No loose clothing may be worn when operating equipment this includes ties, scarves and loose sleeves. Open toed shoes, shorts, or skirts are also prohibited.
  • Long hair, including beards, must be pulled back and secured and contained.
  • Jewelry that may cause a hazard when operating equipment may not be worn; this includes rings, necklaces, bracelets and watches.
  • Aisles, exits and emergency equipment must be kept clear at all times.
  • Safety glasses must be worn at all times in the shop when equipment is in operation. Some operations and equipment may require additional PPE.
  • All guards and shields must be secured and in place prior to operating the equipment.
  • Compressed air must not be used to clean skin or clothing.
  • All equipment and safety issues or concerns must be reported immediately to the shop supervisor or monitor.
  • Working alone:
    • Undergraduates and users under training must not work alone; a supervisor or monitor must be present at all times.
    • Users of industrial category equipment must not work alone; a monitor must be present at all times.
    • The normal operating procedure is that there should be at least two people present in the workshop when machine tools are being operated.
    • Where lone working is required a written job hazard analysis must be carried out and standard operating procedures put into effect that will eliminate or reduce the hazards associated with working alone.
  • Access to machine tools will be controlled to prevent out of hours operation of equipment.
  • All equipment must be maintained and used in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and any statutory requirements



  • Trusted user access is an option for graduate students that require 24/7 access to the IMRC labs.
  • Trusted User status is a privilege and not a right, we reserve the right to offer or deny this status at any time.  This privilege allows you 24 hour access to the labs using your card to unlock the door.
  • You must maintain a clean / responsible track record in the labs for at least one full semester. You may then ask to apply for this status.
  • Completed Safety training through Phase 3.
  • Adherence to Buddy System for Phase 2 and 3 machines.  Your Buddy must be a trusted user as well.
  • Agreement that no others are allowed access when using the labs after hours unless they are also a trusted user or grad student.
  • Children need to be left in the outside round table area / not in labs.
  • Reasons for losing access: (minor & major offenses)
  • Making a mess and not cleaning up.
  • Not following safety protocols.
  • Letting others without trusted user access, use the lab after hours.
  • Improper use of machines or equipment.
  • Not tracking hours / fees.
  • Disruptive behavior.


  • Key Card access allows us to track user access / and allows use after hours and makes access much easier to set up.


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