We have open training times on Friday’s from 5 to 7pm with Wade and on Tuesday’s from 9 to 11am with Sean.  Training subjects will be chosen on a first come / first serve basis.  If you are interested in attending a training session, please contact our IMRC Fabrication lab staff via the form below or if you can’t make that time / day, you can set up a training session by appointment based on availability, via the same contact form listed below.

Machine / Materials Fees: (FYI all UMaine students get a 50% discount on the below listed fees)

Price Poster

For more info on our Fabrication Labs and to get your training process started please download
and read the Phase 1 safety & training procedure guide as a PDF here:

Here is a basic break down of the various training phases / levels:
PHASE 1 trainings: (*required)
a. General Safety & Hand tools (manual & power)*
b. Lasercutting level 1 universal
c. 2D Printing level 1 xerox & 4800
d. 3D Printing level 1: Makerbot
e. Electronics lab: soldering (required), power supplies & oscilloscopes (optional)
f. Vacuum Forming

a. Lasercutting level 2: Logilase 2D
b. Printing level 2: 9890 & vinyl cutter
c. 3D Printing level 2: Objet & Zcorp

PHASE 2 trainings: (must have completed phase 1 general safety & hand tools training first!)
Wood shop – Large Power tools (table saw, miter, band, planar, drill press, sheer brake roll etc.)

PHASE 3 trainings: (must have completed phase 1 general hand tools and phase 2 training first!)
Shop Saber CNC
Tormach CNC