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Training subjects will be chosen on a first come / first serve basis.  If you are interested in attending a training session, please review our training calendar below and contact our IMRC Fabrication lab Manager Sean Taylor via the form below or if you can’t make a regularly scheduled time / day, you can set up a training session by appointment based on availability, via the same contact form listed below.

All training sessions begin with an overview of our IMRC accounts system. New users must sign up for a new account and deposit $30 in their account, to begin the training process. For more info on our Fabrication Labs and to get your training process started please download and read the Phase 1 safety & training procedure guide as a PDF here: Phase1-IMRCSafetyProcedure 

Here is a basic break down of the various training phases / levels:
PHASE 1 trainings: (*required)
a.  General Safety & Hand tools (manual & power)*
b. Lasercutting level 1 universal
c. 2D Printing level 1 xerox & 4800
d. 3D Printing level 1: Makerbot
e. Electronics lab: soldering (required), power supplies & oscilloscopes (optional)
f. Vacuum Forming

a. Lasercutting level 2: Logilase 2D
b. Printing level 2: 9890 & vinyl cutter
c. 3D Printing level 2: Objet & Zcorp

PHASE 2 trainings: (must have completed phase 1 general safety & hand tools training first!)
Wood shop – Large Power tools (table saw, miter, band, planar, drill press, sheer brake roll etc.)

PHASE 3 trainings: (must have completed phase 1 general hand tools and phase 2 training first!)
Shop Saber CNC
Tormach CNC

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