The facilities and state-of-the-art equipment in the IMRC Center support student and faculty research and creative activities, and collaborations with business and industry throughout Maine.

The Center’s goals are:

  • Develop a new culture of innovation and creativity for the state of Maine by establishing needed technical facilities for continued and new training, research, development.
  • Supporting faculty collaborative research and development initiatives.
  • Enhancing Maine’s capacity to compete for external funds related to technological development by providing faculty support through access to needed research facilities.

One key factor to research, development, & commercialization in information technology is to form sustainable pathways for innovation and technological evolution through aggressive research. This is made possible through giving our users access to the latest tools and technologies. This is purpose of the IMRC Center’s facilities and equipment.

The facilities and equipment in the labs of the IMRC Center were selected to meet the current technology levels and requirements needed to support cutting-edge faculty research and technological experimentation, advancement and production. It is crucial that research be conducted on the most current equipment and software and to keep at the cutting edge. Access to high-end resources gives all users of the IMRC Center the competitive advantage of cutting-edge technology, and enable Maine to become a leader of research, development and commercialization of innovation in the information and creative economies.

To request use of these spaces, please see the IMRC Room Schedules to find a time open time slots to make a reservation using IMRC Facility Reservation Form. Once a reservation is made and accepted you will see the reservation reflected on the “Room Schedules” and/or “IMRC Center Membership (For Specified Equipment). If your Facility reservation requires equipment in the “Fab Lab”, “A/V (APPE 1 & 2)” or “Textile Lab” please sign in with your IMRC Center Membership (For Specific Equipment). This allows you to find available equipment per hour in scheduled time slots.

*Special Note* IMRC 113 is a shared Technology Mac Lab Cluster and has a high volume of use during the school year. For reservations during the school year please be prepared to work around the busy schedule. During the summer the demand for IMRC 113 is lower so schedules will reflect more day to day availability. 

The following is a list of the primary IMRC spaces. Click on the names to see more detailed descriptions

Audio recording and production Lab

Electronic Music Studio (and foley space)

Video editing / Media Production suites (2)

Fabrication Laboratory

Prototyping Studio

Electronics Laboratory

CNC Production Lab

Seminar room/ HD conference room

HPMCC (studio and render farm)

AP/PE Space

AP/PE2 (Immersive Sound and Video Space)

Media Library and CWS collection

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