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Photo by Amy Pierce

Photo by Amy Pierce

The Fernald Adaptive Presentation Space is a modular space that can used in its full volume or partitioned into smaller production, experimentation and presentation spaces. This space is intended to support a variety of uses from class use by New Media, Communication and Journalism, and Intermedia; a space for temporary installations and large scale construction for testing and experimentation; sensor testing and physical computing testing; a sound stage for film, video and musical production; a performance space for theatre, dance, music and other performance uses, as well as an exhibition and presentation space for projects, art works and performance works. Modular walls, curtains or scrims, a sprung-wood floor, and collapsible seating will encourage a variety of different uses for the space.

The Fernald APPE space is available for rent. Visit the Facilities Use Request page for more information. If tech support is needed there will be an additional charge.

To request this space, please fill out our request form.

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