Audio and Video Production Spaces

//Audio and Video Production Spaces
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Photo by Amy Pierce

Photo by Amy Pierce

The IMRC Center has a variety of production facilities dedicated to both video and audio production. These include the Audio Production Facility (APF), the Electronic Experimental Music Studio, Two Video Editing Suites (VES), an AV Collaboration Space, Live Performance Control Room, and the affiliated Adaptive Presentation/Performance Environment (AP/PE). These spaces give users of the IMRC a full range of tools and work spaces needed for a range of work in sound arts, video production, audio recording, electronic and experimental music, foley work, post production, video art and just about anything else you can think of using sound, music, motion and/or video.


Map of the Audio and Video related facilities

Map of the audio and video facilities in the IMRC Center


For more information on each of the facilities, what kinds of equipment they have and how to access them see the individual pages for each.

Audio Production Facility (APF)

Video Editing Suites (VES)

AV Collaboration Space

Electronic Experimental Music Studio

Live Performance Control Room

Adaptive Presentation/Performance Environment (AP/PE)

To request these spaces, please fill out our request form.

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