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This space houses the Intermedia Program’s growing collection of media, books, periodicals and other resources related to New Media, experimental art forms, and Intermedia. The space houses the CWS Collection of some 3000 books, 500-750 back issues of individual periodicals, 200 dvds and cds, and 2000+ artists books and multiples. The IMFA program’s eight ongoing periodical subscriptions will also be accessible here, including Wire, Cabinet Magazine, Esopus, X-TRA, and Art Papers. The space is to be used for student and researcher access to these materials. The space is intended to also support general reading, investigation and researching on artists and media, viewing a variety of media, and general quiet study. In addition to the collection itself, the space  houses a variety of electronic display and performance equipment including a small media/film viewing space with a 50″ HD plasma screen and professional audio, two computer workstations and a full audio playback system for both digital and analog materials including a USB record player, tape deck, CD and DVD players and a VHS deck.

Media center is located in the heart of the IMRC center just off the Commons on the upper level, in room 125. The hours of the Media Center are by appointment or open in general on Wednesdays from 12-5. For more information or to schedule time to access the collections please email

Coming Soon –  look for our on line catalog of reference books, exhibitions catalogs and our collection of Artists Books and Multiples.

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