IMRC Labs: Fabrication & Prototyping

//IMRC Labs: Fabrication & Prototyping
IMRC Labs: Fabrication & Prototyping2017-12-01T22:39:10+00:00

The IMRC Center has a number of prototyping and production facilities, collectively called the IMRC Labs, dedicated to a full range of both digital and analog production technologies. These include the Fabrication Studio, the Prototyping Studio, the Electronics Lab, and the CNC Production lab. These spaces give users of the IMRC a full range of tools and work spaces needed for a range of work in prototyping, physical production, electronics production, interactive technologies, wearables, Intermedia, digital product design, multiples, textiles and fabric design, digital printing  and just about anything else you can think of using physical materials, digital out put technologies, craft processes and/or electronics.


map of production spaces

IMRC Laboratories


For more information on each of the facilities, what kinds of equipment they have and how to access them see the individual pages for each.


The Prototyping Studio

The Fabrication Studio

The Electronics Lab

The CNC Production lab


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