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This space has several overlapping but divergent uses. It is used for small classes and particularly seminars of not more that 15. It is also set up for meetings of staff and faculty, small working group meetings of students and faculty as well as faculty and private collaborating businesses. It can also be used for film screenings, for small group events, and even has support for use as a social science testing and observation space for focus groups. It is fully outfitted with HD video and sound presentation equipment including a region free DVD and Blu-ray player, wireless MacMini Computer, wireless microphones, and a 70 inch HD LCD screen. The Seminar Room is also set up for online teaching, conferences and meetings through Skype, Facetime or Connect.

The Seminar/conference room is available for rent. Visit the Facilities Use Request page for more information. Basic instruction for room use is included in the rental fee. Ongoing tech support is available for your event for an additional charge.

To request this space, please fill out our request form.

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