Happy Fluxus Father’s Day! Oh, Fluxus had momma’s, too; Alison Knowles, Charlotte Moorman, and Yoko Ono.

This is fun!

Can we flex/flux an idea a bit today? Allow me to at  least recognize the father of what we do here, Owen Smith aka Dr. Flux (writing about a domain is a little bit risky for me since I’m just a student writing about complex issues) but here we go. I’m resisting the ordinary meaning of fatherhood dating back to the Middle Ages; Father’s Day (or Fathers’ Day) is an international holiday.

Knocking on the proverbial box this morning, I surfed on into a virtual, Fluxus museum to start the day (the first link at the bottom). Who were the fathers of Fluxus? To celebrate today’s holiday by thinking a bit about who are the father’s of Fluxus, Dada, or similar creative expressions, my idea is to re-think the meaning of this holiday. George Maciunas was certainly a central figure to Fluxus. Dick Higgins fathered the idea of Intermedia. In the spirit of “fathers, grandfathers, uncles, even cousins”, we have John Cage, Higgins, La Monte Young, Brecht, Flynt, Beuys, Paik, our Grand Papa Duchamp…

I spent a few moments this morning reading about Flux kits and boxes, subversion, Flux art, “the art to play”, theatrics, comedy, SoHo (Fluxus art as a scene vitalized SoHo in New York), the art of foolishness!, the avant-garde art, graphic-art design, and more rare sound-art compositions. La Monte Young was somewhat the father of sound minimalism and a part at least of the Flux scene.

There was, well once anyway, a Fluxus Symphony Orchestra.

Here at IMRC, we have our own private collection but there are other fluxy museums, the videos on Youtube and Vimeo, sound recordings, quotes, and I found a lovely, virtual museum experience that looks great, too.

FLUX Art museum


Dick Higgins – Music and Performance Art