I’d like to repost Owen’s voice as part of  what I’m calling the Sound Art Ensemble. I am combining a little of this and that here by showing a picture of gurdy taken yesterday on the coast and sound from two weeks ago. Today (Sunday May 7th) some of us will be at Fort Knox on this perfectly cold, wet day– glorious Irish-like weather. It must be that I am suggesting a soundtrack of sorts with Owen’s voice– at that time done to tepee doors as a musical score (does any of this make sense?) over to the idea of artists bound to an old stone fort.

I’m becoming quite mysterious. Sound and dreams; the Sound Art Ensemble, a fort, water, some old canvas, and one cup gurdy… clothesline-three


About the Author:

After Jim Winters arrived as a jazz trombonist for years, he now has now finished his second year as a graduate student here at IMRC. He owns two hurdy gurdys, thus exploring drone-musical work and the aesthetic value of unfinished music. His concentration ranges from experimental-musical composition to photos, sometimes wondering about the colonization of 12-tone Western music vs. noise.

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