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The IMRC 118 Shared Studio space is designed to help facilitate IMFA student projects.  This space can be used for large project creation as well as being used as a temporary exhibition or performance space.  This space is not intended to be used as storage, but will also sometimes be used as an impromptu classroom for IMFA courses.

IMRC 118 – Shared Studio Space Policies

  1. This shared studio space can be reserved online via our room reservation form on the IMRC website located here:  you can also check the current reservations on the room Google calendar located here:
  2. This room can only be reserved by IMFA students & faculty
  3. This room can be reserved for a maximum of 7 consecutive days.  Any longer reservations need to be approved by the IMFA administration
  4. This room needs to be cleaned and completely emptied of all materials after each use.  If you nail or screw things into the walls, they need to be removed and the holes patched / spackled and painted.  Please coordinate with Sean Taylor to get access to these materials.
  5. NOTHING THAT EMITS TOXIC VAPORS OR DUST PARTICLES CAN BE USED IN THIS SPACE!  Anyone who does will forfeit their right to use the space.
  6. Anything that emits loud noise or sound must be pre-approved by the IMRC administration before being used in this shared space, as  not to disturb the surrounding studio spaces.
  7. Please be considerate and respectful of your fellow graduate students in the surrounding studios.  If you feel that something you are doing might impact them, please consult with them  and ask permission from the IMFA administration before moving forward with your plans.
  8. This space will be emptied of all remaining materials and cleaned at the end of each semester, preferably with the assistance of all the graduate students and faculty in the IMFA program.  All materials / work must be cleared by the final Thursday of finals week for each semester and by the Wednesday before the last week of Summer break before classes begin.  All materials left in the space after these deadlines will be removed by the IMRC staff and moved to the loading dock.
  9. All pedestals and tables in the space are there to be used by IMFA students and faculty.  If you alter or damage the pedestals, please repair and paint them after use.  Tables, pedestals and cabinets can also be moved with permission of the IMFA administration to other locations if the entire space needs to be clear for a project.
  10. If no one has the space reserved on the IMRC 118 calendar (viewable on the IMRC website), this space is available for quick projects on a 24 hour basis. However, this still needs to be communicated to Susan Smith so that she can update the calendar accordingly.
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