IMRC Helps Artist Learn CNC

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IMRC Helps Artist Learn CNC


Oxford Art Alliance Postcard

Oxford Art Alliance

Kimberly Callas joined our labs after meeting us during a tour of our facility. She used our IMRC Community Membership Program to gain access to our 3D printing and CNC machining machines. After learning the CNC machine through our weekly training for IMRC members she created the sculptures seen in the above post card. Using Adobe Illustrator to image trace her hand drawings Callas created files then imported them into the CNC/CAD software Aspire.  From there Callas created tool-paths that cut the sculptures using a V-Carve CNC bit.

We’re happy for Mrs. Callas and we urge you to check out her work at the Oxford Arts Juried Exhibition.


About the Author:

Sean is an artist whose concerned with sociological attitudes towards mass incarceration, the death penalty, criminality, and public perception of the criminal. He seeks to find pathways of redefining what a criminal is and what moral imperative we must emphasize, hopefully to reshape how we rehabilitate criminals.

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