IMRC Welcomes Researcher in Residence Laura Splan

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IMRC Welcomes Researcher in Residence Laura Splan

This week the IMRC Center welcomes their Fall Researcher in Residence, Laura Splan. Laura will be in residence for the rest of the fall academic semester and will soon begin a four-week workshop series for UMaine faculty, graduate and New Media students.

Laura Splan is an artist and lecturer whose work explores intersections of art, science, technology and craft. Her conceptually based projects look at the material manifestations of our cultural ambivalence towards the human body with a range of traditional and new media techniques. She often uses found objects and appropriated sources to explore socially constructed perceptions of order and disorder, normal and aberrant. Much of her work is inspired by experimentation with materials and processes (blood, electromyography, cosmetic facial peel, digital fabrication) which she mines for their narrative implications and untapped potentials. To learn more about Laure and her work visit


“Doilies, HIV”

Laura will also host a free workshop series for all UMaine faculty, graduate students, and upper level New Media Students. Sessions will meet on Wednesdays from 6pm-8pm at the IMRC Center between October 19th and November 9th. Sessions will also include students from the fall Art & Science Collaborative class.

Workshop content will explore intersections of art, biology and technology in contemporary art. We will interrogate their alternating roles as muse, metaphor, methodology, and material. The course sequence will emphasize the conceptual significance and narrative implications of biological and technological tools and techniques in works of art. We will look at how recent innovations in biotechnology are influencing and inspiring contemporary artists as well as how artists have been innovators in fields of biology and technology. Course lectures, readings, discussions and assignments will address art historical shifts in artists’ relationship to biology and technology in their studio practice. Splan will also lead a collaborative and participatory demonstration of the Arduino EMG device used in her own data-driven artworks and will present the variety of ways in which she as worked with data as “material”.

To attend the workshop series or with any questions, please RSVP Gene Felice ( with your contact information.

“Doilies, Hepadna”


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