Today, here in my second post about him, I want to start by confessing that I’m obsessing. Oh, I am. Feldman passed away in 1987. Giving this to us here today is a look at his artwork– someone’s art. Who else has art like this to match such a mystical ether? One of these painting is Jackson Pollack’s (1912-1956). What I’ll give us here mostly is art– the way these covers look. He is, of course, an experimental composer. Oh I just love this art; the idea each time of looking at musical history like this seems so interesting (or is it just me?). I don’t really write too much here today but put about ten of his art covers all here together as an array which I will assemble here. This past week I’ve listened more intently than usual to the music of Annea Lockwood (born 1939) and I’ll get around to writing about my theme project (I suppose finally) based on the idea of an experimental clothesline. These are jpgs from the web.

I just totally love this artwork.