104, 2017

News: April 1st, 2017

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April 1st, 2017; “That’s right, this is all very exciting!” admits IMRC’s founder and director Owen Smith: “I just didn’t expect everyone to find out this soon.”
Late-breaking news: IMRC has already secretly expanded– to the moon.
Photos obtained show important plans to expand Intermedia, “the space between”, into inter-planetary space.
Photographs showing […]

2603, 2017

Morton Feldman 2

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Today, here in my second post about him, I want to start by confessing that I’m obsessing. Oh, I am. Feldman passed away in 1987. Giving this to us here today is a look at his artwork– someone’s art. Who else has art like this to match such a mystical […]

2403, 2017

Valentin Clastrier’s gurdy

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 I’ve written about him once before here [all photos herein are from the web]. And, he’s one of those rare, seminal artists who inspires an entire generation of players. What Cage was to music is probably what Valentin is to the instrument: the hurdy-gurdy.   I’ll enter here at what […]

2403, 2017

Morton Feldman

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This education must be working inside me as I sit at home doing these musical, (obsessive) archeological digs for history using Youtube. Obviously, by now, my concentration is towards drone music. This means I am tied in spirit to, let’s see, La Monte Young, Charlemagne Palestine, and now Tony Conrad. […]

1703, 2017

The Hungarian Gurdy

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In a third post and as I still relive this nuanced history that I used to study so much, these are the design that looks like the one I have. These gurdys are larger but with less strings. The man on the right here was a farmer and musician. I […]

1703, 2017

The Lira Gurdy

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I am connecting history lately with my Intermedial studies. Yet this time I do not want to say too much so as to really let the images tell the story– using all images from the web. This post is all about the Russian or Slavic hurdy-gurdy.


Years ago I would just […]

1703, 2017

The Experimental Gurdy

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Here is a little more about this unusual, drone instrument.

This week I guess I finally found a kindred spirit, at least musically. Yann Gordon’s web page is in French but translated reads in part:
My pieces are established and take the form of autonomous devices in that they do not require […]

1703, 2017

Spring 2017 IMRC Workshops: Textile Lab Intro Workshop w/ Amy Pierce & Zoe Quick

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IMRC Textile Lab Intro Workshop
Workshop Leaders:  Amy Pierce & Zoe Quick
Date / Time:  Friday, April 28th @ 3pm
Location:  IMRC Textile Lab

Explore the IMRC’s Textile Lab and witness demonstrations of its array of equipment for sewing, embroidery, serging, and custom design creation for machine embroidery. No prior experience necessary! Enrollment is […]

1703, 2017

Spring 2017 IMRC Workshops: Intro to the archival section w/ Destin Black

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Intro to the archival section
Workshop Leader:  Destin Black
Date / Time: Wednesday, April 26th @ 3pm
Location: IMRC Library

A general overview of the archival / rare collections section of the IMRC Library. The library has an amazing collection of rare books and art There will be a presentation showcasing some of the […]

1603, 2017

No Plan B – Alison Chase Performance & The Coaction Lab @ The IMRC – Monday 3/20 6pm

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NO PLAN B: A cross genre collaboration of light, movement and video

Come join us in our newest sandbox! We have pitched a tent in the IRMC Center AP/PE SPACE to experiment with the blending of projections, movement and sound for our inaugural Tent Event: NO PLAN B.

This project is a cross […]