NO PLAN B: A cross genre collaboration of light, movement and video

Come join us in our newest sandbox! We have pitched a tent in the IRMC Center AP/PE SPACE to experiment with the blending of projections, movement and sound for our inaugural Tent Event: NO PLAN B.

This project is a cross genre collaboration between Alison Chase performance and The Coaction Lab led by Intermedia / New Media faculty Gene Felice. On Monday March 20th at 6pm the IMRC AP/PE Space will be open to the public to come and see what collaborative explorations Alison and Gene have developed over the course of just couple of weeks.

This event is free and open to the public.

Alison Chase is a choreographer, director, educator and artist. Her work explores emotional terrain through innovative movement, multidimensional storytelling, fusions of film and dance, site-specific works, and museum installations. Alison is currently an IMRC Center Artist in Residence.

The Coaction Lab is dedicated to the compulsive exploration of un/stable relationships between organisms, environments and technology; examining site specific histories, stories and inspiration. We analyze the symbiotic worlds of bio & ecological art, biomimicry, interactive systems, 2D & 3D prototyping, biosensors and multi-sensory data translation.  This is an array of constantly evolving investigations into the myriad collisions of life and technology.