705, 2017


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I’d like to repost Owen’s voice as part of  what I’m calling the Sound Art Ensemble. I am combining a little of this and that here by showing a picture of gurdy taken yesterday on the coast and sound from two weeks ago. Today (Sunday May 7th) some of us […]

305, 2017

Art is Political

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First, what sort of political? I think it means more than this country. My musical mission should give way to peacefulness someday and I think the second step with experimental music will be to recognize my own political distress.
Okay, all art is probably political. Fair enough?
I have been thinking this week […]

205, 2017

Gurdy and Stratocaster

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One cup each; David Wilks, Ryan Wilks, and Jim Winters. I got to record an impromptu duet for my hurdy-gurdy (tekerolant) and the guitar of David Wilks. No format, no rehearsal, no plan, and one take. My inspiration is partly the older masters such as Feldman and Young, but I […]

3004, 2017


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Normally genre and classification is all about aesthetics and marketing.

This entry is about an interview hosted by the National Endowment for the Arts, the NEA.

Their debate is over where guitarist Mary Halvorson’s sound is to be classified like this or like that, yet what I study here has taken the […]

3004, 2017


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This past week we initiated the Clothesline series with compositions 1-4. The hub of it so far is myself, sort of this visionary and hurdy-gurdy man, and Ryan Wilks, sound/audio artist adding “chimes” that add in– all extremely-notable people. Zero, pictured below, features David Wilks coming in suddenly (time off […]

504, 2017

04.05.17 Art Library, Artist Spotlight: Tom Friedman

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Tom Friedman

With the skills of a master craftsman, the obsessiveness of a teenage model-airplane builder, and the sense of humor and world view of a conceptual, self-defeatist prankster, Tom Friedman constructs works of art that defy cynical, uptight abstractionists and bored, foggy-eyed slouchers. Here is a man who carved his […]

104, 2017

News: April 1st, 2017

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April 1st, 2017; “That’s right, this is all very exciting!” admits IMRC’s founder and director Owen Smith: “I just didn’t expect everyone to find out this soon.”
Late-breaking news: IMRC has already secretly expanded– to the moon.
Photos obtained show important plans to expand Intermedia, “the space between”, into inter-planetary space.
Photographs showing […]

2603, 2017

Morton Feldman 2

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Today, here in my second post about him, I want to start by confessing that I’m obsessing. Oh, I am. Feldman passed away in 1987. Giving this to us here today is a look at his artwork– someone’s art. Who else has art like this to match such a mystical […]

2403, 2017

Valentin Clastrier’s gurdy

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 I’ve written about him once before here [all photos herein are from the web]. And, he’s one of those rare, seminal artists who inspires an entire generation of players. What Cage was to music is probably what Valentin is to the instrument: the hurdy-gurdy.   I’ll enter here at what […]

2403, 2017

Morton Feldman

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This education must be working inside me as I sit at home doing these musical, (obsessive) archeological digs for history using Youtube. Obviously, by now, my concentration is towards drone music. This means I am tied in spirit to, let’s see, La Monte Young, Charlemagne Palestine, and now Tony Conrad. […]