1909, 2017

Triptych Reasoning and the Uncivilized Artist

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The reader is given the following three-points-as-one so as to articulate the proposed foundation theme of my degree, my MFA is to finish two years. “The artist is a well-behaved ape who needs to be explained.” If this is the case, this ape will explain himself here in prose. Note to […]

1909, 2017

Fun with Video Projection Mapping

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As the IMD/NMD Video Projection Mapping course gets underway, teams of students are working to get their first projects up and running for review and critique next Monday, September 25th as each pair of us maps some portion of the IMRC Exterior (and/or Interior). One of the requirements for the […]

1409, 2017

2017/18 A/V Studio Technician: Josh Couturier

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I would like to introduce myself to the IMRC and public community. My name is Josh Couturier. I did my undergrad in the New Media program, now I’m currently a first year in the IMFA program here. I have lengthy audio and video background and focus that started in early […]

1209, 2017

Fall 2017 IMFA / IMRC Visiting Artist Series

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The Intermedia MFA Tuesdays at the IMRC Lecture Series continues to provide the UMaine, Orono and Bangor community with a diverse schedule of compelling speakers, and performances by contemporary and interdisciplinary artists and performers from around the country and world.
All events are free, open to the public and will take place at the Innovative Media Research […]

1109, 2017

09/07/17 Seminar @ Reynolds Advanced Materials (Boston): Introduction to Lifecasting and Skin Effects

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Last week, I took a Concord Coach bus down to Boston for an Introductory Lifecasting and Skin Effects seminar at Reynolds Advanced Materials. The experience marked several “firsts” for me…my first time booking with AirBNB and my first Lifecasting workshop ever. I stayed in Cambridge at Kinnard St. & Western […]

609, 2017

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Getting to know the Vacuum Former.

1808, 2017

Slow Dancing with a Ghost

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Not all of my inspirations are alive. I dance with ghosts. The joining of, the combined effect of, partners, a duo, my collaborator, two ships sailing together: a consortium. This entry is about mystique. I am thinking of my own need for consort, along with this weird awareness of that […]

1308, 2017

Floating Bones and Whipped Gurdys

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Some news now about The Cannery and I played there last night. The ideas were so incredible, some planned and some not, and I even whipped my gurdy with its own strap. “Tell it to the judge.” Where to even begin…

Let’s say your a musician and you’ve joined this program. […]

1008, 2017

New Scanning Device at the IMRC

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New to the IMRC Center this year is the Einscan SE 3D digitizer. While we have had scanning ability using our Kinect sensors, Structure Sensor, photogrammetry, and access to the Faro Arm laser scanner at the AMC we have always had the need for an easy to use small digitizer […]

1008, 2017

Rules as Wrong

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In my new artist life I’m affecting my past. Maybe I’ll explain. Our culture guides me (limits), music schools, too, so limiting, this idea that sounds and noises are too uncivilized. Those need to be made, forced to be civilized, organized, homogenized, classified– controlled. If not, better be a strong […]