310, 2017

New sign for visiting artist series.

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310, 2017

An Artist-Scientist Pirate and Two IMFA Students on a Road Trip

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This Sunday, October 1st, 2017, I joined fellow IMFA graduate student, Destin Black (second-year) to pick up Joe Davis for Digital Humanities Week 2017.  In the art world, Joe is labeled as a Bio Artist  and by director, Peter Sosowky, (, as a “mad scientist” in his documentary, Heaven + […]

210, 2017

Digital Humanities Week at the IMRC today through Friday!

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The IMRC is thrilled to host the 2017 Digital Humanities week, starting today!  You can read more about the event and view the entire schedule of events here:

This year’s event is themed on the “STEM to STEAM” movement, with a special keynote address from Roger Malina, the Executive Editor at […]

2809, 2017

Gesture as a Firefly in the Darkness

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The artist is halfway; no longer a musician exactly. But he must think about justification which was going to be methodology. Then lying awake at night, thinking sort-of, if free jazz is or was to be my secondary methodology, wait, or, I thought, of I’m not sure, acoustics, order; which then […]

2809, 2017

The Intermedia MFA program presents: Shaun Leonardo Thursday 10/5 in the IMRC Center from 7pm to 8pm

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Our third event of the fall 2017 visiting artist lectures series is on October 5th at 7:00p.m. is with Shaun Leonardo, giving an artist presentation in the IMRC APPE space.  

Shaun Leonardo is a multidisciplinary artist who uses modes of self-portraiture as a means to convey the complexities of masculine identity […]

2709, 2017

The A Team & Gene, Haystack Conference 2017

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Last week, a group of students were invited to Haystack Mountain School of Crafts to take part in a conference that included institutions from different regions such as Toronto, Massachusetts, Pensilvania and others.

Ashley Duggan, Amanda Quiring, Alicia Champlin, Adam Paul, Austin Haughton,
Arturo Camacho (me) and our interim director Gene Felice spent 3 days interacting […]

2709, 2017

The Intermedia MFA program presents: Charlie Morrow Tuesday 10/3 in the Emera Astronomy Center from 7pm to 8pm

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Our second event of the fall 2017 visiting artist lectures series is on October 3rd at 7:00p.m. with Charlie Morrow. Charlie will present a special performance in the Emera Astronomy Centers 360 degree immersive video / audio space, featuring an 8.1 surround sound audio performance.  You can find more details on the […]

2709, 2017

IMRC Helps Artist Learn CNC

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Kimberly Callas joined our labs after meeting us during a tour of our facility. She used our IMRC Community Membership Program to gain access to our 3D printing and CNC machining machines. After learning the CNC machine through our weekly training for IMRC members she created the sculptures seen in […]

2609, 2017

Thoughts on Collaboration

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The best part to me about the IMRC is the collaborative setting. My last 3 years here I have practiced how to collaborate, amongst watching other collaborations. Projects have ranged from laser cutting, projection mapping, project design, audio and video projects. Something that I always try to remember when approaching […]

2609, 2017

Inspiration from the World of Wonder Woman

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While taking advantage of UMaine’s Kickin’ Flicks series, shown every Wednesday in Neville Hall, I was not alone in enjoying the amazing special effects and femme-tactic action scenes of Wonder Woman. However, I personally found that the closing credits of the film was truly a hidden gem.

As an aspiring graphic […]