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Experimental sound on exhibit in Penobscot, Maine


The Cannery at South Penobscot, a venue known for its support of contemporary sound explorations, is currently hosting its 2nd Annual Sound Installation Festival, with an extension of its calendar until Sunday, October 22. One of the IMRC’s own, N.B. Aldrich, is exhibiting in the festival, and one of […]

Experimental sound on exhibit in Penobscot, Maine2017-10-16T17:56:34+00:00

IMRC Helps Artist Learn CNC



Oxford Art Alliance Postcard Oxford Art Alliance

Kimberly Callas joined our labs after meeting us during a tour of our facility. She used our IMRC Community Membership Program to gain access to our 3D printing and CNC machining […]

IMRC Helps Artist Learn CNC2017-12-01T22:39:28+00:00

3D Photoworks is recreating famous paintings in 3D for the Blind


John Olson and his company 3D Photoworks are recreating famous works of art so that persons will visual disabilities can experience them.  By using sandstone 3D printers, like the one we have here at the IMRC Center, they are able to print 3D reliefs in color. The reliefs allow the […]

3D Photoworks is recreating famous paintings in 3D for the Blind2017-12-01T22:39:58+00:00

We have electronics components!!!



Hey there! Are you a little sad that Radio Shack up and left? Don’t want to wait for shipping? Do you want to do something fun with electronics, but don’t know what components to use? Well, we’ve got you covered!!! The […]

We have electronics components!!!2017-12-01T22:40:17+00:00

Veterans Memorial CNC Stuff





Hey all! Check out the nifty CNC job we did for the Veterans Memorial in the Student Union! If you’d like to see the finished project, head over to the Student Union!



Veterans Memorial CNC Stuff2017-12-01T22:40:17+00:00

Laser Cutter Coolness!


Hey all!

Check out the latest project from Wade Warman! This piece, titled “Deus Ex Machina” was done entirely using the laser cutters at the IMRC! Wowwie-wow-WOW!!!! If you’re interested in learning how he did it, stop by the IMRC labs! Who knows, you might just find the divine inspiration you’ve […]

Laser Cutter Coolness!2017-12-01T22:40:18+00:00

Prayer Cards for the Modern Artist


Prayer Card


Ever worry that your art might end up being lame? Well, worry no more! With these new “Prayer Cards for the Modern Artist” you can say a little prayer and be reassured that someone above is listening and giving you […]

Prayer Cards for the Modern Artist2017-12-01T22:40:22+00:00

Sculpture and the IMRC, a Match Made in Heaven!



Hey all!

The cats over in the sculpture program and the gang here at the IMRC have created a super group of artists using 3D printers to make positives for bronze, aluminum, and GLASS castings (That’s right! Glass casting! Wicked!) Stop by […]

Sculpture and the IMRC, a Match Made in Heaven!2017-12-01T22:40:23+00:00

New Partnership/Collaboration!



What a perfect match! The fine folks over in printmaking and the gang in the IMRC labs have teamed up to work together using new technologies (laser etching and CNC) to compliment the traditional methods of printmaking! I can’t wait to […]

New Partnership/Collaboration!2017-12-01T22:40:23+00:00

AUTODESK FUSION 360 Creates a Guitar Body


Cherry Gibson Les Paul body with carbon Fiber highlights Cherry Gibson Les Paul body with carbon Fiber highlights.

Lately I’ve been teaching myself Autodesk’s new software Fusion 360. It’s not only a simple to use CAD platform but it also fuses some […]

AUTODESK FUSION 360 Creates a Guitar Body2017-12-01T22:40:24+00:00
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