The Experimental Gurdy

//The Experimental Gurdy

The Experimental Gurdy

Here is a little more about this unusual, drone instrument.

This week I guess I finally found a kindred spirit, at least musically. Yann Gordon’s web page is in French but translated reads in part:

My pieces are established and take the form of autonomous devices in that they do not require the intervention of an interpreter.

The process involved reveals latent acoustic phenomena induced by the physical specificities of the sound propagation space.

I work mainly from electronically generated pure tones, feedback or continuous sounds recorded and broadcast by means of amplified systems…

I loved reading this from Yann Gourdon, thus understand more about the hurdy-gurdy.

“The technical aspect intrigue, both tinkered and skillfully realized, Yann Gourdon’s sound works generally have strange plastic characteristics, both fascinating and disturbing.”

I almost need help– some sort of gurdies anonymous. Along with Yann Gourdon’s text quoted here, some very modern designs exist. Oh, maybe someday I’ll get one more. These are photos from the web. In my next post I will show photos of antique gurdys. Then, beyond these ideas is mine, called a tekerolant.


About the Author:

After Jim Winters arrived as a jazz trombonist for years, he now has now finished his second year as a graduate student here at IMRC. He owns two hurdy gurdys, thus exploring drone-musical work and the aesthetic value of unfinished music. His concentration ranges from experimental-musical composition to photos, sometimes wondering about the colonization of 12-tone Western music vs. noise.

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