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Thoughts on Collaboration

The best part to me about the IMRC is the collaborative setting. My last 3 years here I have practiced how to collaborate, amongst watching other collaborations. Projects have ranged from laser cutting, projection mapping, project design, audio and video projects. Something that I always try to remember when approaching a collaborative experience is two minds are better than one, and that no idea is a bad idea. Sometimes a bad ideas can be broken down and remixed to make it stronger and more flushed out. On that note, it’s important to let your co-collaborators empty themselves when brainstorming or working. Sometimes the hardest part of a collaboration is letting your co-collaborator take the reins. Patience is a virtue.

My next idea is to understand your collaborator early. Be personal, go out to lunch, go for a run, go for a beer. Find out what makes them tick! It could be beneficial later on when meshing artistic fingerprints.

Also if you and your collaborator view goals/deliverables as guidelines instead of concrete “have-to do’s” it could open up new opportunities and avenues the project can take.

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  1. James Hurdy September 27, 2017 at 1:37 pm - Reply

    This process is in and of itself a sort of plan or “score”, to sift through ideas toward deeper ones; the surface ideas sort of testing safety in life. Our art seems to have this social-engagement aspect. We learn about ourselves as we go through this, it seems. There are some hidden reasons, it seems, as to why we are here and so motivated.

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