Video Projection Mapping onto Alfond Arena

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Video Projection Mapping onto Alfond Arena

For an extra credit project in the NMD 430/IMD 530 Video Projection Mapping course, the class had the opportunity to assist Gene Felice II in projecting onto Alfond Arena for the opening game of the UMaine Hockey Season at Alfond Arena on Friday, October 6th, just before Fall Break.  Besides the chance to score some extra credit points, I jumped at the opportunity because it gave me more practice time with these new technical skills that I am acquiring.

I ended up checking out a T3i Camera to shoot some raw footage of the exhibition Hockey game on Sunday, October 1st. I then spent sometime teaching myself how to edit and compress the raw footage in Adobe Premiere and Media Encoder for some clean sequences to use for the the event. On Wednesday, three of us students met up with Gene Felice at the football stadium to set up and do a rehearsal so we could figure out the logistics of it all. By the end of the evening, we had discussed whether the stadium lights would be on or off during the game, that we would use 2 projectors and 2 laptops instead of one, and what else we would need to make the magic happen.

Then, on Friday, October 6th, we each took turns using Milumen to project onto the exterior of Alfond Arena.  I was particularly proud of the fact that we used some of the sequences from the exhibition game that I had provided: a clip of UMaine students rocking out to the band in the student section, (projected onto the front left side of Alfond) as well as some of the actual game footage of this season’s players being projected onto the roof of the arena (left side). Then on the right, side we alternated mapping additional footage and images provided to us by the Athletics Department. What was especially cool was that music was playing outside and the projection of the students rocking out was in sync to the music that was playing.

Here is a raw video (recorded from my cell phone) of the projection onto Alfond Arena:


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